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This wiki takes english phrases and translates them into Spanish, French, Deutsche, Italian, Gaelic, Inuktitut, etc., so start looking through any translation option.


Translator- Click on one of the language options to begin.

Current Language Options:

Spanish (Andorra, Mexico, Spain, etc.)

Basque (Basquelands)

French (Cameroon, France, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, etc.)

Deutsche (Argentina, Germany, Namibia)

Austrian (a dialect of Deutsche) (Austria)

Italian (Ecuador, Italy, San Marino, etc.)

Vulgar (Holy See, Switzerland)

Mandarin (China, Macau, Taiwan, etc.)

Japanese (Hokkaido, Japan)

Creole (Bahamas, Belize, Haiti)

The Patwa translator has been disabled.

Dutch (Aruba, Indonesia, Netherlands, etc.)

Gaelic (Ireland, Northern Ireland)

Hindustani (India, Surinam, Trinidad and Tobago)

Tagalog (Palau, Philippines)

Persian (Bahrain, Iran, United Arab Emirates)

Urdu (Guyana, Jammu, Kashmir, etc.)

Yiddish (Israel)

Inuktitut (Alaska, Greenland)

Konkani (Goa)

Sanskrit (Nepal)

Russian (Russia, Kaliningrad, Estonia, etc.)


To learn more languages, see some of these external links:


BBC Languages


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